Ask Right Questions – Everyone likes free product!

Interviewing your customers is a great way to validate your assumptions and know the what they need. I started talking to the customers to understand the gap – the opportunity. Initially, it was difficult to lead the conversation. Later I realized that I was making a big mistake. That was – leading the conversation.

Don’t try to lead the conversation. You need to set the direction, ask open ended questions that should not directly point to the your services/product. Asking like – “did you find the video answer helpful with the text answer?” will always end with a positive response. No rational human being would ever say “No” to the extra help they are getting as bonus or for no cost. And, probably that is not a helpful way to validate your assumptions. 🙂

Instead, ask top 3 problems and possible imaginative solutions to a customer to see if your product or service comes in their list of solutions. If not, move on to the next 9 customers to ask the same questions. If 4+ of them suggests something near to your product, your product can take the market off.

Asking right questions – to get the RIGHT result – not the DESIRED result – is crucial.

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