List of 56 tools for Data Collection and Execution in Social Media (Facebook and Twitter)

I’m not a social media geek but I learnt a lot while trying to be! 🙂 Recently I hit a remarkable 10,000 followers on twitter and that was a celebration moment. I worked religiously to understand the nerves of social media during the course of getting more than 10,000 followers & counting. I tried 100s of applications, techniques, developed my own twitter curation tools using google spreadsheet, bugged a lot of people for suggestions on different tools, researched internet for endless hours just to find out and simplify the techniques of building the right audiences. I found a lot tools. Some of them really helped while others were just average enough to get the sign up. Few tools like @Buffer and @HootSuite worked like magic along with @tweepi and obviously the master planner and executer The Google Spreadsheet. I developed tones of spreadsheet tools (I’ll share later), to automate my daily routine job with highest level of proficiency like adding people to list according to their interest, sending personalized tweets to followers based on their interest without using labelled tweets in the end, tweet curation tools, collecting list the followers, finding the right influential people in your interest area and many more.

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During the course of time, I encountered many great tools and articles which , fortunately, I bookmarked and now I am feeling glad to share tools with you. Take a deep breath and start looking into the list of data collection tools that may help you in enriching your content and social media. Sorry folks at Google Plus and Pinterest as I am not including your this time but definitely later on. This time it is only for Twitter and Facebook. Later on, I may add additional platforms. Meanwhile if you come across some other tools that are missing from the list, please keep adding to it as comment and I’ll update. Each tool is listed once for each social media platform it can collect data from. Moving forward, I’ll offer a more categorized information with right kind of practices and outcomes expected from each tool.

Though I used most of the tools available on the internet, I must admit that I have not personally used ALL of the applications listed below. Therefore, it won’t be justice to vouch for the usefulness, quality or functionality of these data collection tools. Here you go:

  • Twitter data collection tools (applications):
    1. For analytics, you can rely on –
    2. DD-CSS: (get CSV/JSON: follower ids, last 3200 tweets, list members info)
    3. Discovertext:
    4. DMI-TCAT:
    5. Flocker:
    6. Follow the Hashtag:
    7. iScience Maps:
    8. Netlytic:
    9. Naoyun (
    10. NodeXL:
    11. Nvivo/Ncapture:
    12. OutWit Hub:
  1. Sodato: haven’t been able to create an acct for this
  2. TAGS:
  4. Tweet Archivist:
  5. Twitonomy:
  6. Webometrics:
  7. yourTwapperKeeper:


Twitter data collection tools (modules & libraries; require programming knowledge):

    1. Pattern:
    2. poll.emic:
    1. SocialMediaMineR:
    1. tStreamingArchiver:


  1. TWurl:
  2. Twecoll (tweets and graphs)


Facebook data collection tools (applications):

  1. Digitalfootprints:
  2. Discovertext:
  3. Infoextractor:
  4. Netvizz:
  5. NodeXL (with Social Network Importer):
  6. Nvivo/Ncapture:
  7. Sodato: haven’t been able to create an acct for this


Facebook data collection tools (modules & libraries; require programming knowledge):


Social data vendors (these sell data from a range of platforms):

  1. Datasift:
  2. Gnip:
  3. Sysomos:
  4. Texifter:
  5. Brandwatch:


Other (misc links that don’t belong under any of the other sections)

  1.  [read the public data available through the Google+ API]

Credit: Deen Freelon, Ph.D.

Now it’s your turn! What’s your learning and strategy while working on Social Media Platform? Is there any tool, that you think, is unexplored and can benefit many? Please share in comments. It takes less than a minute to write in comment and help 70000 people who’ll come to this post every week. 🙂 Thank you.

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