How to run an effective meeting? – Learn from Steve Jobs


pablo-1-620x310_opt (1)Running effective meetings is a must-have art that everyone should learn and master. Meeting without any conclusion is no better than a discussion with wife on daily issues. It’s just waste of time and energy. It also diverts the focus to less and close to “no” critical tasks.

We all conduct or attend meetings everyday in some or other forms. Some ends with a conclusion, take-away and actionable while some goes endless and the meeting time ends before the discussion concludes. Now the most critical and hardly answered question comes into picture: “How to run effective meetings?”

I did some research and learnt some ideas. Some of them were very effective and result oriented while some were just random case studies that let me draw inferences and wonder about. During this course of research, I came across a video that I would like to share here. This video is a recording of Steve Jobs (legend of technological innovation on the planet)’ real brainstorming session about his second company NEXT.

Enjoy the video lesson and share your feedback in comments.

  1. Be passionate.  A passionate leader always makes the team excited about the ideas and brings best out of them .
  2. Help your team to see the bigger picture of the game. It helps them imagine beyond the boundaries and be more creative while brainstorming sessions.
  3. Probe and challenge your people to bring  best out of them.
  4. Try to bring everyone onboard in the discussion and let them feel the ownership of what they do. “The organization is yours; don’t compromise on things that you believe in”.
  5. Listen to all but set priorities so that everyone is on the same page and leave the meeting room with clarity on what you (as team) are focusing on.
  6. Don’t let the discussion go free flow. Know when to interrupt and keep the discussion focused to the goal and desired results.
  7. Highlight the positive points from the meeting and appreciate people for their contribution.

Last but the most important – Conclude the meeting with clear actionable and deadlines.

I’m sure you would have your own perspective. I appreciate if you can share your views in comment that would help others conducting more effective meetings. You can tweet me at @iPankajS and share your opinion.

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